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Office 365 on MCS Cloud Server
Author: Alex Francis Reference Number: AA-02220 Views: 220 Created: 23/11/2018 11:44 Last Updated: 27/11/2018 13:06 0 Rating/ Voters

Office 365 and MCS-rm

Customers with Office 365 have the option of using SMTP or MAPI to send emails from MCS-rm.

SMTP - This means configuring a server address, port, authentication and sender addresses in MCS-rm. Office 365 can be configured to allow sending of emails by SMTP. The details can then be entered into MCS-rm

            For information on setting up email in MCS-rm please see this article. RM Email Configuration

MAPI - This involves setting MCS-rm to use MAPI, which opens Outlook when you send an email. Outlook will need to be installed on the same PC/terminal server where MCS-rm is running. On a terminal server, it will need to be an E3 Enterprise subscription in order to support shared licence activation.

           Note: For MCS Hosted customers TSG can assign administrator right to allow the customer to install Office Outlook.