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Resource Planner - Task Card Templates
Author: MICHAEL ANDREWS Reference Number: AA-02332 Views: 109 Created: 14/03/2019 11:54 Last Updated: 09/04/2019 11:13 0 Rating/ Voters

Resource Planner Task Card Template

RM-Web Task Cards

When viewing the tasks in RM-Web Resource Planner the Unallocated tasks information displayed can be amended to match the requirements of the company.

There are different settings for tasks associated with Contracts and Workshop items and these need to be set separately in the profile Maintenance.

Profile Maintenance Settings

The options available are listed in the preference description, The vertical scroll bar is required to view all the options. The list is below.

Customisation of task card for Contracts

{0} Task Name

{1} Task Length

{2} Task Depot

{3} Contract Number

{4} Customer Number

{5} Site/Collection Name

{6} Site/Collection Address1

{7} Site/Collection Address2

{8} Site/Collection Town

{9} Site/Collection County

{10} Site/Collection Postcode

{11} Site/Collection Country

{12} Task Date/Time

{13} Transport Manager Job Type

{14} Deliver/Collect Via

{15} Delivery Zone

{16} Activity

{17} First Equipment Line Item Code

{18} First Equipment Line Item Description

Customisation of Task Card for Works Orders

{0} Task Name

{1} Task Length

{2} Task Depot

{3} Works Order Number

{4} Customer

{5} Site Name

{6} Site Address1

{7} Site Address2

{8} Site Town

{9} Site County

{10} Site Postcode

{11} Site Country

{12} Task Date/Time

{13} Transport Manager Job Type

{14} Works Order Job Type Name

{15} Works Order Item Code

{16} Works Order Item Description

When entering the options in Profile maintenance, the options numbers should be in the {} Brackets, and spaces or separators may be required for readability.