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Server Migration Information
Author: Alex Francis Reference Number: AA-02530 Views: 260 Created: 10/01/2020 12:43 Last Updated: 10/01/2020 12:43 0 Rating/ Voters

Server Migration Information

Moving the MCS databases to a new SQL can be a very complex job depending on how many software features and additional processes there are in place. This is a job which is likely to take 2-4 weeks minimum depending on what problems arise and the amount of testing required. We don’t typically set a date for the final migration until testing is complete.

We always start the migration by setting up the new server for testing. This will involve MCS working on:

·         Installing all the MCS applications you use

·         Taking a copy of the database and restoring it

·         Configuring database backups and scheduled jobs

·         Running scripts to move across configuration settings

·         Copying the document store

·         Setting up any new terminal servers

·         Setting up a web server if it is used

Please note on average these normally take 4-6 hours however it can be longer. If, for example, all of those items apply, there are multiple databases or any complications with the new server environment which cause a delay. The positive is that all of this work can be done in the background without affecting the current Live environment.


What we need from you to start:

·         Connection to the new SQL server and any connecting terminal servers

·         Local administrator rights on all relevant servers

·         SQL Server installed with the same Collation type as the old server. (This may not apply if MCS are supplying SQL Server)

·         Sysadmin access to SQL server either by windows or sql authentication


At this stage where the new environment is ready, we recommend you are as thorough as you can be with testing. This ensures that on the final stage of migrating to the new server the problems that arise are minimised.

These are just some example of areas which are likely to be affected when moving server:

                          Printing – test all printers used and all the document/reports that will be required

                          Emails – test sending individual documents, either MAPI or SMTP

                          Batch emails – test creating a batch for transmission via email

                          Financials link – test the connection between MCS-rm and financial software, import, export, credit check are working as required. (if used)


Live Migration

Once testing is complete you will then agree a time with MCS for the live migration to be done. This normally means roughly 1 hour downtime where the users must be logged out of MCS-rm. However as before, this can increase depending on number of databases and their size. We can advise you further on this for your particular scenario.

We do not typically do the migration out side of working hours as it often useful to have other people both at your company and MCS available to help if required.